Three Transform

Three Transform


Simplifying the creation of Smart Contracts through Language Model Magic, a one-click deployment and easy integration of Web3 features into Web2 projects.

Tech Stack

React, Flask, Solidity, Hardhat


3 Transform serves as a guiding light for beginner Web3 Developers. This tool simplifies the creation of a Smart Contract by leveraging Language Model Magic (LLM). It allows you to edit your contracts within our web editor and deploy them in just one click. It's the perfect companion for developers taking their first steps into the world of decentralized applications.

Ever wondered how your typical Web2 website could embrace Web3 features? 3 Transform has the answer. You can simply provide a deployed link for your Web2 project and let our platform do the rest. With the help of our advanced Language Model Magic, we can identify various ways to integrate Web3 seamlessly into your platform. As a bonus, it can kickstart your journey by crafting a smart contract tailored to add specific features to your Web2 project.

This achievement wouldn't have been possible without the dedication and hard work of my incredible team. I extend my heartfelt thanks to Hussain, Arya, and Pargat for their support and effort.

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