Dhanush (Fund Trail Analysis Tool)

Dhanush (Fund Trail Analysis Tool)


A powerful tool born at Kavach 2023, unraveling financial fraud through advanced analytics, intuitive data input, and insightful visualizations.

Tech Stack

React, NodeJS, MongoDB, Flask


FullStack Developer


Arya Nair, Pargat Singh, Gaurish Baliga, Vatsal Sanchala, Jiya Bhagat


The "Dhanush" is by far one of our best projects it was created at Kavach 2023 to solve Problem Statement KVH-012(Youtube Link).

Dhanush is a tool crafted to assist in finding Fund Trails and uncovering financial fraud, and money laundering.

Dhanush simplifies the process by accepting data in various formats of Bank Statements in CSV, PDF, Images, etc. Using ReactFlow it generates Cash Flow for detailed Visualization of Money Flow. It provides detailed Analytics Reports and potential Fraudulent Activities.

It also allows Users to Report Fraud ensuring that people can also contribute to identifying suspicious transactions.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Arya, Gaurish, Pargat, Vatsal, and Jiya for their hard work, expertise, and collaborative spirit in bringing Dhanush to life.

This Project has successfully helped us win the Kavach 2023 National Hackathon.

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